Looking to transform your outdoor space into a relaxing, stylish oasis? Our beautiful patios are the perfect solution! Whether you're looking to entertain guests, enjoy a quiet evening under the stars, or simply soak up the sun, our quality patios provide the perfect space to do it all.

Choose from a range of materials, including classic concrete, stylish pavers, and natural stone. Our expert team will work with you to design a custom patio that complements your home's unique style and matches your budget. From elegant seating areas to stunning fire pits, we can create the perfect outdoor space for your needs.

Not only do our patios look great, but they're also built to last. We use durable, long-lasting materials and expert installation techniques to ensure your patio stays beautiful and functional for years to come.

Investing in a new patio is a smart choice for homeowners who want to improve their property's value and make a lasting impression. Don't settle for a plain, outdated outdoor space – upgrade to a beautiful, high-quality patio that you'll love for years to come.

Our Process

The patio building process can vary depending on factors such as the size and complexity of the project, the materials being used, and the specific design requirements. However, here is a general overview of the steps involved in building a patio:



The first step is to work with a contractor or designer to develop a plan for your patio. This will involve selecting materials, determining the size and shape of the patio, and deciding on any additional features such as seating areas or fire pits.



The area where the patio will be located needs to be excavated to create a level surface. This may involve removing grass, soil, or other materials to create a level area for the patio.


Base Preparation

Once the area is excavated, a base layer of gravel or crushed stone is installed to provide a stable foundation for the patio. This layer is typically several inches thick and is compacted to ensure stability.


Edge Restraints

Edge restraints such as concrete curbs or plastic or metal edging are installed around the perimeter of the patio to keep the pavers or other materials in place.


Paver Installation

The pavers or other materials are then installed on top of the base layer, using a pattern or layout that was determined during the design phase. This involves carefully placing each paver in the correct location and ensuring that they are level and even.


Sand and Sealant

Once the pavers are in place, sand is applied to the surface and swept into the gaps between the pavers. This helps to hold the pavers in place and provides a level surface. Finally, a sealant is applied to protect the patio from the elements and keep it looking great for years to come.



Once the patio is complete and the sealant has dried, you can enjoy your new outdoor space! Add patio furniture, plants, and other accessories to create a welcoming, inviting outdoor living area that you can enjoy for years to come.

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